590 Pilothouse


For reliable operation, easy maintenance and safety, no expense was spared in our selection of equipment on the NP59. This is evident from the moment you see the NP59 with exterior fittings made by Aritex, the builder of superyacht equipment. Inside you’ll find quality equipment from major systems to the hardware in the background.

The North Pacific 59 is equipped with robust twin Cummins QSL405 9L engines. These engines are overbuilt, providing less hp than many 6L engines. Twin QSL engines will provide a top speed of approximately 12.5 knots and cruise speeds from 7-11 knots. Aquadrive shaft systems and thrust bulkheads reduce noise and vibration. With thrust bulkheads there is less stress on the engines and engine mounts. Noise is reduced further with quality sound insulation and foam cored floors throughout the boat, resulting in a smooth and quiet cruise. The twin engine running gear is protected with twin fiberglass skegs making costly prop damage much less likely. Manship moisture eliminators provide engine room ventilation and keep the space dry.

The engine room is very spacious and unique to this size category, has an impressive 6’5” of headroom. The space is brightly lit and equipment is laid out for easy access. With a combination of teak and black rubber floor as well as aluminum wall panels and stainless engine mounts, the engine room is both functional and spectacular.

Wiring chases and equipment were carefully planned throughout the boat for easy access, maintenance and future installations.

Like all North Pacific Yachts, the NP59 comes with an extensive list of standard equipment which is customizable to suit your individual needs and goals.

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