49′E Pilothouse


Quality Equipment; Well Laid Out

See Specifications for more information on equipment.

All North Pacific Yachts are designed so that all equipment, wiring and plumbing is easy to access. There are numerous hatches throughout our boats; headliners are attached with Velcro and screw caps are used to make removal of teak wiring chases and other access panels easier. In order to ensure accessibility throughout the interior, the NP49 is built and varnished before most of the wiring or equipment is installed.

We only install top quality, brand name equipment to ensure safer and easier long-term operation of our boats. The equipment list is continually evolving as new and innovative products become available. If we feel that the ownership experience would be enhanced by adding equipment or upgrading the standard list, we make those changes.

Floor Structure

All floors in the North Pacific 49′ are held up by an interlocking aluminum grid. Unlike wood, this grid will never sag or swell over time, meaning it will always be easy to remove hatches.


A full set of Garmin electronics is included in the base price of the North Pacific 49′ Pilothouse. This includes chart plotters, autopilot, radar, fish finder and VHF radios. Due to electronics evolving so quickly, the standard list changes, so please inquire for details.

Mechanical Equipment

The North Pacific 49′ is powered by a single 355 hp QSB 6.7L Cummins diesel engine. The 355 hp QSB is a good choice, pushing the NP49 along at a 7-10 knot cruise with a top speed of about 11.5kts. Larger engines are available for higher top speeds. Twin engines and get-home engines are also available.

Click here for a sea trial report.
Click here for more Cummins Marine QSB information.

With the single engine configuration, the propeller, shaft and rudder are fully protected, taking much of the worry out of watching for logs while cruising in the Pacific Northwest or hitting the bottom on the ICW. Standard equipment on the North Pacific 49′ includes an oversized rudder and Side Power bow thruster, giving you the maneuverability to make docking in any slip easy. A stern thruster is optional equipment for those who like the maneuverability of twins but the economy of a single engine.

Electrical Equipment

Wiring on the NP44 Sedan is second to none. It is tinned, color coded, numbered, and runs through clean and well-laid-out wiring chases. A quiet Northern Lights generator with sound shield and water/gas separator, 2800W Magnum MS2812 pure sign wave inverter/charger, 160-amp alternator and a large AGM battery bank means you’ll have plenty of power. If you are looking to extend your time at anchor without running the generator, solar panels are available.

Engine Room

The engine room on the North Pacific 49′ is spacious and well lit. It is well insulated with 2″ foam/rubber/lead sound dampening insulation. In addition to this, rubber is installed on the aluminum grid above the engine room to cut down on noise and vibration. The engine room is easily accessed through three removable floor hatches on the salon floor. Once in the engine room, there is plenty of headroom and space to move around. Located in the engine room is the generator; two baffled fiberglass fuel tanks (separately made with vinyl ester resin coated with gelcoat) with a total capacity of 500 gallons (up to 930 gallons is optional); 20-gallon water heater; a dual, variable speed fresh water system for redundancy; and an oil change system.

The fresh water tank is located under the hallway floor and varies between 200 and 250 gallons, depending on the layout chosen.

Sanitation and Plumbing

The plumbing is PEX with compression fittings for a long lasting and very reliable system. All pumps on board are reliable Whale diaphragm pumps for years of maintenance free use.

We use Trident Premium sanitation hose with a 10-year guaranty against odor. External holding tank sensors are reliable and require no maintenance.

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