The 6 Best Inflatable Dinghies for Shore Leave and Safety

Posted Thursday January 09th, 2020 by Trevor Brice
The 6 Best Inflatable Dinghies for Shore Leave and Safety

Inflatable dinghies are a great way to explore the coastline, especially when you are at anchor off-shore.

They give you the freedom to roam new islands, coves, secluded spots and explore, and all for a relatively small cost. They are easy to store, deflate when you aren’t using them, they come with all sorts of features. They can also get you to shore safely in an emergency situation.

So, if you are undecided on whether an inflatable dinghy is the best choice for you, read on.

Why Buy an Inflatable Dinghy?

If like me, you are the adventurous type and like to travel across the ocean to new lands, an inflatable dinghy is a “must-have” for boat safety and convenience.

An inflatable dinghy is the answer. Many sailboats tow an inflatable, or keep them stored on deck, ready to deploy. It means while your yacht is secure in the bay, it leaves you free to do the tourist thing, and access the delights of your new surroundings. It also means you can take advantage of shops and chandleries, restocking on vital supplies.

Convenience to Shore

The third reason is convenience. Imagine it’s a warm summer evening and the beach in the bay looks inviting.

There are bars and restaurants dotted along the coastline. Can you think of a better way to end the day than a refreshing drink and some excellent food under the stars? It’s time to deploy the inflatable dinghy from your davit system. Without one, you are destined to enjoy the view from afar instead of savoring the atmosphere for yourself.