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Bob Arrington | Passagemaker | April 2017

As the coastal cruiser category of boats is growing, so too are the adventures owners are taking with this capable and versatile style of boat. And it doesn’t take long looking at a world map to realize there are a lot of coasts to cruise.

When John Brice was about to take delivery of Restless, a North Pacific 49 Pilothouse, he thought of all the places he could see aboard his new boat. John and his family were experienced boaters, having spent years cruising the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest from their home in Vancouver.

John may not be your typical new-boat owner, given that he helped his son, Trevor, start North Pacific Yachts. What began as a quest for their own perfect coastal cruiser led to the creation of the first boat and subsequent formation of the company.

For this trip, though, John was just a customer taking delivery of a new boat. Knowing his boat was being built near the warm, clear water and tropical islands of Southeast Asia, he wanted to take the opportunity to see the area before it shipped anywhere else for final delivery. As the owner of a company importing Asian products to North America, John was familiar with business in the area, but pleasure boating there was going to be an entirely new experience.

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