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On Board Power: North Pacific 45'

Peter A. Robson | Pacific Yachting | October 2016

Generally, we prefer not to sea trial yachts when the owners are aboard. Owners are likely to object to us running (perhaps rightly) their precious possession at full throttle, making abrupt manoeuvers and so on. This limits our ability to put the vessel through its paces. However, despite our trepidation, when we reviewed Patti and Andrew Atkins’ new North Pacific 45, they were perfectly willing to let us do as we pleased. They’d just returned from a three-month voyage to Glacier Bay, Alaska, putting 4,000 miles under their keel and 500 hours on the diesel, so nothing we could do would be worse than what they’d already experienced.

The Atkins are no strangers to boating. They spent 6.5 years circumnavigating the globe on a sailboat, and owned and operated a fullservice boatyard and marina in Ontario. Their previous yacht was a North Pacific 43—the predecessor to the 45—so for them to buy a North Pacific 45 over all the other offerings on the market, meant it had to be pretty outstanding.

The North Pacific 45 replaces the 43, which was the first in the company’s China-built trawler line—as well as their most successful model to date, with 63 built. The new 45 incorporates many of the attributes that made the 43 so popular—a single diesel engine, a full keel to help with tracking and to protect the prop, excellent fuel economy, a full beam saloon, two staterooms, a raised pilothouse with good visibility, a covered aft deck, a low maintenance exterior and rich teak woodwork throughout.

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