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Sea Trial: North Pacific 45' Pilothouse

Roger McAfee | Sea Magazine | June 2015

One of North Pacific Yachts’ most successful vessels was its 43-footer, the boat that started it all for the builder, with more than 63 sold since its introduction in 2004. In fact, 13 were sold in the first four months, making it the second most successful new boat launch in the Pacific Northwest. The most successful was the Nordic Tug 26 in 1980.

When North Pacific decided to build bigger boats, it contacted the owners of the 43 to find out what they would like to see in a larger vessel. That research led to the development of the NP45 and NP49.

The 43 owners told the builder they would like to see more interior space and a styling change. Trevor Brice, North Pacific’s CEO, gave them what they wanted. The 45 — the same length overall as the 43 — is longer on the waterline and carries more beam. Those two changes really make a difference in interior living space.

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