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North Pacific 45' Pilothouse: Boat Review

Duart Snow | Waggoner Cruising Guide | September 2015

Among the most notable recent success stories in the Northwest boat industry is that of North Pacific Yachts of Delta, British Columbia. In just over a decade, the company has delivered about 110 trawler-cruisers to owners on the East and West Coasts and built a reputation for providing excellent livability, finish and value at competitive prices.

What stands out most about North Pacific’s boats – especially for the experienced cruiser – is the fact they feel like they have been designed by and for folks who actually cruise, live and work on their boats. They emphasize features like living space, storage, systems and mechanical access, and quality finishes and fittings. Details like these add up in boats that just feel sensible, workable…and right.

In fact, NPY’s story begins with a search for the “right” boat. Looking for the “perfect” wide-bodied pilothouse trawler, with a generous saloon, two staterooms and easy systems access, North Pacific’s Trevor Brice and his father John found nothing in the market at an affordable price. So they started drafting their ideal boat for construction in China, where John has well established business connections.

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