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On Board Power

Peter A. Robson | Pacific Yachting | September 2014

North Pacific Yachts was founded in 2004 by father and son team John and Trevor Brice in an attempt to build the perfect cruiser. Over the past decade, the company, under Trevor’s leadership, has overseen the production of more than 100 single-engine, China-built trawlers from 28 feet to its new flagship, the 49-foot NP49 Pilothouse. Over the years, North Pacifics have earned a reputation for their quality construction and excellent value.

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION. The most noticeable departure between the NP49 and previous North Pacifics is the move from aft sloping pilothouse windows to forward sloping windows, which in this reviewer’s eyes, makes for a much beefier and more well-proportioned design. This is part of the next generation look for North Pacific. The stepped sheer line is another attractive departure.

The new hull mold features many of the attributes that make the North Pacific line solid, seaworthy and comfortable long distance semi-displacement cruisers. The fuel-efficient hard chine bottom helps reduce roll in a seaway. The full keel makes it easier to maintain a steady course and serves to protect the propeller and the large barn-door rudder log and grounding damage.

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