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Sea Trial - North Pacific 49' Pilothouse

Roger McAfee | Sea Magazine | May 2014

Since North Pacific Yachts splashed its first boat 10 years ago, it has delivered more than 100 vessels. All have been well-built, sturdy, tough, single-engine trawlers that provide great value. With the new North Pacific 49 Pilothouse, the builder has upped its game — a lot.

EXPECTED (AND UNEXPECTED) FINDS. The new North Pacific has a great “dock presence.” As I approached the vessel, down a long dock, it stood out among all the other boats even though a number of the other boats were longer. As I got closer to the vessel, I noted North Pacific had continued its traditional hull style treatment: molded-in plank lines. It’s a styling feature that adds an element of elegance to the new vessel. The fiberglass work was excellent. It was fair and without gel-coat haze or print through, which is not surprising considering the factory that does North Pacific’s glass work has produced thousands of boats over the years and become very good at it.

A quick glance at the upper works of the NP49 reveals another upscale feature. All the window framing is highly polished stainless steel rather than the aluminum framing used in the other vessels in the North Pacific line. The upgrade adds to window-frame strength and is visually appealing to many boaters. A quick rubdown every once in a while with a good stainless polish will keep the frames looking great for a long time.

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