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North Pacific 38' Sedan - Comfort, Convenience, Economy For The Long Haul

Duart Snow | Canadian Yachting West | May 2013

In trawler circles, the term "honest boat" qualifies as high praise. It describes a vessel that is straightforward, well thought-out, easy and economical for owners to run and maintain, ready for adventure with minimal fuss. On the West Coast, where the cruising adventure really begins only when civilization, mechanics and fuel docks disappear in your wake, honest boats that sip fuel and offer their crews few unwelcome surprises are preferred long-haul cruisers.

When I stepped aboard the North Pacific 38 Island Harmony on a sunny afternoon last fall, I realized almost immediately that this was an honest boat. Almost everything about it made sense for extended cruising, crew comfort and convenience, and ease of care for the hands-on owner. It's worth noting that Island Harmony is owner Guy Campbell's second NP yacht - he traded up from a 34-footer after owning a Grand Banks 32, perhaps the original "honest boat."

Island Harmony was my introduction to the work of North Pacific Yachts of Delta, BC, a local success story. In less than a decade, NPY has sold more than 100 of their single-screw trawlers from 28 to 43', most here in the Northwest. Built in a factory in Ningbo, China, near Shanghai, the boats are well suited to their market niche: straightforward, economical, impressively finished and moderately priced.

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