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North Pacific 43 - The Culmination of an Ever Growing DIY Project

Roger McAfee | Sea Magazine | October 2011

When Trevor Brice wanted a family cruising boat for Pacific Northwest waters, he couldn’t find one that suited him. His requirements weren’t exotic — a stout vessel of about 42 feet that could operate efficiently at displacement speeds and that offered good value.

So he and his father decided to “do it themselves,” but not in the backyard, as many people do. Trevor’s research indicated that a number of potential boaters were looking for the same type of vessel, so he decided to go into the boat-building and sales business — and North Pacific Yachts was born. North Pacific owns all of the designs and the tooling for its boats but took advantage of Trevor’s father’s ongoing commercial dealings in China to have the boats built there.

The first vessel, a 42-foot trawler, was introduced at the 2004 Vancouver International Boat Show. I examined hull number 1 in detail then, and I jumped at the chance to test hull number 55, the most recent edition of the original trawler. By the time you read this, hull number 61 will have been pulled from the mold and be in the fitting-out process.

The new boat is actually a 43-footer, with the addition of a longer and wider swim step. Other than that, the hull and interior layout are very similar to the original.

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