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On Board Power

Peter A. Robson | Pacific Yachting | May 2011

I've got to confess, I'm a huge fan of "Europa-style" trawlers and when Trevor Brice's North Pacific 38 was introduced a few years back, I couldn't wait to get aboard and put it through its paces. And while Grand Banks was the first to introduce this style of trawler, North Pacific has managed to produce a single-engine-only version that looks great yet costs only a fraction of similarly styled trawlers.

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION. The semi-displacement hull design is based on the well-proven and seaworthy North Pacific 39 and 43. The 38 comes from an entirely new mold and, like all North Pacific yachts, it is built in China. The full-length keel has a shoe between the back end of the keel and the rudder that fully protects the prop - an important feature in our log-strewn waters. The hull is solid hand-laid fiberglass with an average thickness of 1 inch below the waterline and a half inch up to the caprail. Vinlyester resin is used on the outer two layers of the hull and an epoxy barrier coat is applied below the waterline. The decks and house are constructed using are Nida-cored fiberglass except in a few areas where extra structural support is needed. In this case marine plywood is used as the core. The full-length hollow stringers are built using a separate mold and incorporate crosswise structural members along their length. The stringers are then glassed to the hull. The hull/deck join is formed by fitting the deck mold inside the hull (sort of reverse shoebox joint), and then screwed and epoxied.

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