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North Pacific Yachts 43 is a Value Leader in Pilothouse Yachts

Tom Tripp | OceanLines.biz | November 2010

When I first wrote about the North Pacific Yachts 43 Pilothouse in March of 2009, I thought the model represented a good value for families looking for a roomier vessel to cruise on with the kids. On seeing the boat again at this year’s Annapolis Powerboat Show, I’d like to expand that view to mark the 43 as one of the best values around for anyone looking to cruise coastal waters on a yacht roomy enough to spend a summer aboard. I took the photos you see here at Annapolis and there’s a link below to some more expansive photo galleries of the boat.

An enormous amount of first-rate equipment is standard on the NP 43; everything from the 5kW Northern Lights generator to Racor filters for engines and gennies. The boat comes with a single Cummins 230 QSB, but will take up to a single Cummins 435 QSB or twin Cummins 380 QSB engines. Frankly, the standard engine will drive the boat nicely in the 8.5 knot range, topping out around 10 knots. If you are in a warmer climate, you’ll want to install A/C and upsize the genny to a 9kW Northern Lights model.

With a base price of $399K, you are getting a boat that is well-made, with a lot of normally optional equipment standard. The beautiful teak interior is standard. All you really need to do is add the appropriate climate-control capabilities if you will be in extremely hot or cold locales. The boat has a standard Espar D5LC diesel forced-air furnace for heat, and two 16K BTU air conditioning/heat units good for everywhere north and south of say, 30 degrees of latitude.

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