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An Affordable Trawler That Will Suit Long-Term Cruisers and Weekenders

Roger McAfee | Sea Magazine | May 2010

When British Columbia's North Pacific Yachts began producing boats six years ago, its plan was to develop a line of stoutly built, well-priced pilothouse trawlers. With the introduction of North Pacific`s 28-foot trailerable trawler last year, the builder hit its target. But the company knew it wasn't done.

In the last six years, company staff has talked to hundreds of boaters. "We found that many boaters wanted a boat with the salon, galley and helm on the same level and the more wide-open interior that general arrangement provides," said Trevor Brice, North Pacific's owner. "We also found the same boaters wanted covered, walk-around sidedecks. In short, they wanted a traditional sedan trawler, and our new 38-footer is the result of those conversations."

Brice is quick to point out that North Pacific did not invent this type of trawler. He gives full credit to the CHB sedans of a few decades ago. The North Pacific 38 Sedan is 10 inches wider and 2 feet longer than the older CHBs.

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION. North Pacific's 38-footer follows the traditional sedan trawler design: modified-V hull, large deckhouse and standard command bridge. The proportions of the design elements are well balanced, giving the vessel a crisp, unified appearance - nothing looks like an add-on.

The transom treatment - a molded-in swim grid and a reverse-angle hull side shape - is different than traditional sedans. Boarding older sedans over a solid transom was often an adventure. North Pacific's transom door, accessed from the swim grid with solid, convenient handrails, solves that problem elegantly, and it produces a modern-looking aft end in the process.

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