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North Pacific 28: A cozy, economical and very well-priced trailerable trawler

Peter A. Robson | Pacific Yachting | January 2010

B.C.-based North Pacific Yachts has come up with another winner. Its new cozy, tug-like 28-foot trawler comes on the heels of the company's larger NP 39 and 43 pilothouse trawlers and the 38 Europa-styled sedan. North Pacific Yachts was founded by 28-year-old Trevor Brice in 2004 and has since chalked up an impressive sales record by offering excellent value for size for the company's China-built line.

The new 28 was developed after Brice saw concept drawings of the Trailer Trawler 28 by Karl Stambaugh of Chesapeake Marine Design in a 2007 issue of Passagemaker magazine. Trevor loved the design and believed it would help fill a niche in the growing market for small, trailerable trawlers. He contacted Stambaugh and the first China-built North Pacific 28 hull was delivered this fall.

HULL AND DESIGN. The 28's styling, with aft cockpit, boxy saloon, raised pilothouse and trunk cabin forward, is similar to the popular Ranger 29 and Nordic Tug 26 trawlers, and will likely appeal to the same customer base. However, the forward-slant of the back end of the saloon and pilothouse windows gives it a striking, distinctive appearance.

The original Stambaugh design called for a full displacement hull with a top speed of 8 knots. Brice had the hull design modified slightly to make it a semi-displacement hull with a top speed of 10 knots.

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