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North Pacific 42: Built in China for Boating in the Pacific Northwest

Peter Vassilopoulos | Pacific Yachting | June 2004

I was told that the North Pacific 42 was created specifically for the conditions in the Pacific Northwest. I was curious to see just how this trawler-type vessel - built in China - had achieved this goal. Soon after the boat was launched in Vancouver, I watched from the breakwater at the Vancouver Maritime Museum as Trevor Brice ran it out of False Creek into a stiff northwest breeze. With a three-foot sea running in English Bay, it was impressive to watch spray being flung over the bow and wheelhouse. Of course, it's not always quite so comfortable for those aboard under such conditions, so I stepped up from the precariously undulating dock at the museum's marina, and joined Brice at the helm.

UNDERWAY. We turned out of the breakwater and into the seas, taking spray across the lofty windshield. As a pilothouse design, this is a relatively tall boat for its 42' length. However, I immediately found it was stable and did not roll much, even in bea, sees.

From the first moments aboard, I felt securely isolated from the tumbling waves. I took the controls and ran the boat harder into the seas, trimming it with the large Bennett trim tabs so that the bow rose to meet the swell. This diminished the spray, allowing us to turn off the wipers. But despite the elevated bow, exposing more of the hull bottom to the seas, the ride remained soft and robust. The boat felt smooth and solid - virtually no vibrations and no pounding. The high position of the helm provided good visibility across the bow.

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