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The following is an outline of the build process for all North Pacific Yachts. Timing for each process varies depending on the model, so exact timeframes are not included. Before any of the steps are taken, we create a detailed equipment list with buyers. We customize the vessel to your needs and are happy to make changes, where possible, as construction continues.

Step 1: Lamination

Step 2: Release

When the hull is released from the mold, the fiberglass fuel and water tanks are installed. At this time, the engine is generally installed (though it can go in through the back door) and the generator and shower compartments are installed. An aluminum floor grid is also installed throughout the hull that will later hold up every floor in the boat. This is a great material to use because it will never swell or sag over time. On top of the aluminum grid a rubber layer is added before the floors are installed which greatly reduces sound and vibration.

Step 3: Joining

The superstructure is now lifted over the hull and lowered into place. A shoebox design allows the superstructure to fit over the top of the hull. The bond is strong and made to last with epoxy and fiberglass

Step 4: Epoxy and Bottom Paint

First, the hull is prepped by sanding and then thoroughly cleaned. Two layers of epoxy are applied followed by three coats of bottom paint, the first of which is chemically bonded to the epoxy.

Step 5: Carpentry

North Pacific interiors are beautifully finished, primarily with teak or walnut as an option. The first step in crafting the interior is the installation of the floors over the aluminum grid topped with rubber. The floors are made of marine-grade plywood covered with sheets of real teak and holly. Next, all the cabinetry is built; some of it in place and some of it is made in a large woodwork shop where many of the finer details can be added. Some of these details include routed trim and bent laminated trim, meaning there are no miter joints around many of the teak corners. We are not aware of any other boats on the market with this feature. Another nice feature is that the wall grains continue through the flush mounted cabinetry for a uniform and elegant look called book-matching. Once complete and prepped, the sprayed polyurethane is built up over at least 7 coats, resulting in a flawless, silky smooth satin finish.

Step 6: Wiring and Equipment Installation

After the interior is protected, most of the equipment is installed and wiring is run throughout. This is done now, instead of earlier in the build, to ensure that owners will be able to access equipment and wiring runs as well as add new wiring or equipment later. There are hatches and access panels throughout all North Pacific Yachts, in addition to removable headliners secured with velcro.

Step 7: Sea Trial

After the equipment is installed and working, all North Pacific Yachts undergo a sea trial where the Cummins engine is signed off and all equipment is tested.

Step 8: Final Finishing

In this critical phase, a team of quality control personnel checks everything and marks any areas that need special attention. During this time, any issues that were discovered during the sea trial are corrected as well. A second sea trial is then performed.

Step 9: Shipping

North Pacific yachts are then wrapped up and shipped on a steel cradle. They are loaded onto bulk carriers or container ships for their destination. Depending on the port and shipping company, the voyage can take anywhere from twelve days to two months. New boats are met by representatives from North Pacific Yachts and taken to a boatyard or marina for commissioning.

Step 10: Commissioning

During commissioning, all systems are re-tested and some extra equipment installed. This process can take anywhere from ten days to two months depending on some of the options that were chosen.

Step 11: Happy Days

Now it’s time to take possession of your dream boat and enjoy many years of cruising and adventure. We always like to keep in touch with owners of North Pacific Yachts, enjoying hearing about the great voyages and offering all the support that owners may need; our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end at delivery. In addition to support from NPY there is a great group of owners, an owners website and rendezvous on both coasts.