38' Sedan
39' Pilothouse
44' Sedan
45' Pilothouse
49' Pilothouse
59' Pilothouse
62' Explorer


One of the partners of the factory started building boats in Taiwan. By 1990, his company had produced over 3,000 boats that were sold under different brands all over the world. During the 1970s, he operated three facilities that churned out over 250 boats per year. Much knowledge was gained during this time about construction techniques which has proved to be invaluable to the success of North Pacific Yachts.


The aforementioned partner formed a company with an existing boat builder in China. Production began on 34’ and 38’ trawlers in an 8,000 ft2 factory.


After visiting a plethora of Chinese boat yards, John Brice met with the current factory owners and immediately knew they were the right partners. At first, John and Trevor were interested in building the North Pacific 42’ Pilothouse for their own use. This would quickly morph into the idea that eventually became North Pacific Yachts.


The factory moves to a brand new 50,000 ft2 location. The design for the first North Pacific is refined and revised as much as possible. North Pacific Yachts forms a joint venture with the factory and begins construction of Hull #1.


North Pacific 42’ Pilothouse Hull #1 arrives in Seattle just in time for the January Boat Show. In total from this date to 2013, 63 North Pacific 42’ and 43’ Pilothouse models were delivered.


The North Pacific 34/36’ Sedan is offered for those who prefer a traditional trawler and the first one is delivered. Ten of these vessels were built before the model was discontinued and replaced with the current North Pacific 38’ Sedan model.


The first annual North Pacific Rendezvous was held in Victoria, British Columbia. North Pacific Yachts continues to have this event annually, now with a presence on both coasts. The first North Pacific was delivered to the East Coast.


North Pacific Yachts begins construction on the first 39’ Pilothouse, meeting the need for a smaller pilothouse. The first North Pacific 52’ Pilothouse was delivered, being replaced by the 49’ Pilothouse in 2014. North Pacific’s factory doubles in size, growing to 100,000 square ft.


The North Pacific 28’ Pilothouse is introduced. North Pacific delivers the first NPs to Europe.


North Pacific 38’ Sedan is introduced.


North Pacific delivers the first NP to Japan.


The factory is doubled in size again to 200,000 square ft and undergoes a major upgrade to all facilities.


Construction begins on the North Pacific 49’ Pilothouse and North Pacific 45’ Pilothouse models. Both are scheduled for delivery in 2014. Plans are announced to begin construction on 59’ Pilothouse and 44’ Sedan models.


The first North Pacific 49' Pilothouse was delivered.


AIM Media, owners of Passagemaker, Power and Motor Yacht, Soundings and many other titles award the North Pacific 49' Pilothouse with the AIM Editors Choice Award for Best Passagemaker 40–50'.

The first North Pacific 45' Pilothouse was delivered.

Construction of molds for the 44' Sedan and 59' Pilothouse begin.


Construction of the first 44' Sedan is complete.

In a joint venture with Explorer Motor Yachts, North Pacific Yachts adds the North Pacific 62' Explorer to the line.

Tooling is completed for the North Pacific 59' Pilothouse.